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Casanova Foxstallion

Casanova Foxstallion is the dashing new Mayor of the Valley, elected to mend the catastrophic damage created by the fugitive Melville.

Correctly identifying that politics has become all image and no substance, Foxstallion based his entire campaign on his good looks. He refused to go into any detail over his policies, other than his intention to hunt down and execute Melville, which was a universal vote winner.

Foxstallion won the election in a landslide, the people bowled over by his charm, wit, and thick, lustrous moustache. It was only after he had taken office that people began to grow nervous at his proposals to remobilise the army and ban all political parties other than his own.

And nervous they should grow for, swept up in the excitement, they had overlooked a small yet crucial detail. He was massive fascist. The mayoralty of Mouse Valley was but step one in a plot for world domination and step two was to quickly engineer a war with the neighbouring Valley of the Hamsters.