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Melville Loomis Spartacus Casanova Foxstallion Detective Amalgamation


Loomis has spent his whole life battling a chronic lack of confidence and self-esteem. Many attribute these characteristics to his troubled upbringing, where the other children would taunt him mercilessly for his unique heritage (his father, a hamster, had caused a scandal in the community when he ran off with a beaver of ill-repute).

He is nervous, shy, retiring, and desperately seeking acceptance from his peers, especially his best friend Melville.*

Loomis was recently conscripted into the army by the nefarious Casanova Foxstallion, after overhearing the scheming new Mayor’s plans for world domination. Here, his first act of note was to accidentally detonate himself across no-man’s land into the enemy trenches. Rescued shortly afterwards, he and Spartacus remain stranded in hostile territory.

Loomis is a fall guy. The scapegoat. The guy that never wins.


*Highlights of this friendship include Melville setting him up in a drugs scandal, firing him, taking him hostage during a police siege, and sentencing him to death by firing squad.