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Melville Loomis Spartacus Casanova Foxstallion Detective Amalgamation


Melville was just starting his first day as an intern in the Mayor’s office when the entire administration was arrested and jailed for embezzlement. Due to a lack of interest in the post and a poorly written constitution, Melville ascended to the highest office in the land after a gruelling two-hour career opening mail. His sense of achievement however was quickly replaced by blind panic, when it was discovered a general election was scheduled for the following week.

After winning re-election through a combination of lies, false promises and electoral fraud, Melville’s second term in office will be remembered chiefly for its complete destruction of society.*

Mistaking the treasury for petty cash, Melville bankrupted the Valley within a month, causing widespread rioting and looting. Facing charges of grand larceny and treason, he responded by barricading himself inside City Hall to shoot it out with the police, eventually managing to slip through the police cordon wearing the world's worst disguise.

His whereabouts are currently unknown, and he remains a wanted man. His legacy to the Valley is a ruined economy and a broken society (insert Gordon Brown joke here).

Melville is a cheat, a liar and a crook.

But then aren't we all.


* Interestingly enough, at school he was voted “person most likely to destroy society” - a victory of sorts.