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Melville Loomis Spartacus Casanova Foxstallion Detective Amalgamation


When Melville accidentally entered politics, Spartacus felt obliged to help his friend and reluctantly became the former Mayor's political advisor. However, though loyal, he despaired at Melville's ineptitude and his frequent and ludicrous scheming.

Emphatically more able than the woeful Melville, he is somewhat envious of his success and feels the Valley would not be in the mess it is today had he been in charge.

This first foray into politics ended prematurely when his boss accidentally destroyed society. Undeterred by this, he went on to become campaign manager for mayoral candidate Joseph Goodsort, fearing for the fate of the valley if Goodsort's opponent, the mysterious Casanova Foxstallion, were to win power.

Alas, success was once more to elude him. During the campaign, doubts emerged as to Goodsort's suitability for office, in terms of his perceived softness on defence, and his image as a tax-and-spend-liberal.

But perhaps more crucially the fact he was a devil-worshipping bigamist...

More recently Spartacus was conscripted into the army to fight in the Great Mouse-Hamster war, after learning of Casanova's plot for world domination. Now, forced to cross the lines to rescue his inept friend Loomis, he is stranded in enemy territory.

Could not be less surprised that events have transpired as they have.

Sanity in the midst of madness.