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Trey Slater Dylan Lucinda Sir Justin Formany


Dylan is Trey's loyal dog and a willing participant in his frequent departures from reality.

He is an agoraphobic hard-drinking misanthrope. He wakes up every morning and is immediately annoyed to discover that he still exists. He is perpetually bemused and bewildered by people and the things that they do.

He is also author of The Westminster Hound, a political blog; a pursuit that often lands him in trouble for posting ludicrous and unfounded rumours whilst drunk. The website proclaims to be a forum for insightful political commentary and unique angles on the latest stories circulating Westminster. In fact, it is a forum for swivel- eyed lunatics with a desperately feeble and simplistic grasp of complex issues to throw barely literate insults at each other.

A bit like Question Time.