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Sir Justin Formany

Sir Justin Formany is a scandal-prone Conservative Member of Parliament, and until recently Shadow Secretary of State for Family Values.

It is said that the general public view all politicians as greedy, in it for themselves, and corrupt. In most cases this is not true. With Sir Justin it is entirely true. Morals, principles, decency - all expendable obstacles on the pathway to power. His attempts to gain access to the higher echelons of power however, are constantly scuppered by his propensity for embarrassing gaffes.

These gaffes, combined with having been implicated in the expenses scandal - he claimed, among other things, for an amphitheatre - led to a tight contest at the recent general election, but he just managed to retain his seat, albeit after three recounts.

The very last person one would associate with family values. This was reflected in his recently being passed over for Secretary of State in favour of a Liberal Democrat.